Eventually this blog will become a wonderful story, collaboration and reflection of our journey, education and commitment to how and why we've become vegan runners. At age 40, with two children (Jackson and Nathan), we've discovered something in ourselves that we didn't know existed and the result of this discovery has had an incredible impact on our life, our love, and our family.

This blog is intended to share our experiences as plant based runners. Come on in and join our story...

~ Zoe and Brad

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Road 2 Hope Hamilton Marathon

Road 2 Hope- Hamilton Marathon

A funny thing happened during the race today as I was reunited with a runner I first met at last spring's Around the Bay road race. He kept me going that day at a painful but successful pace. I was hurting and he knew it. His encouragement helped me get to the finish with my best time ever at that race. After the race, I happened to meet him in the stands. I shook his hand and thanked him for his help which he brushed off as no big deal.

It was around km 18-19 of today's race when a figure not unlike most of the others strode up beside me with a big smile on his face. There he was, my compadre from the spring! We finished this race together and chatted quite a bit along the way. I learned that his name is Seybou and our recent running experiences are very similar. He was aiming for 3:15 and convinced me we could make it there together. This was a truly awesome way to share the achievement and give it a much deeper meaning. Cheers to my friend Seybou. You have helped me more than you know!
Two happy runners! Seybou and I after the race

I had some doubts going into the race today with the sudden onset of freezing temperatures, second guessing my training and the usual pre-race nervousness. But the planets aligned for me today.

I ran a personal record AND Boston qualifying time of 3:13:26. 3:15 was my target time, but I realistically thought 3:20 was more likely. I was able to stick with the 3:15 pace bunny (who was awesome!) to the end and give a little kick at the finish (at the pace bunnys' urging). This was a first for me as I usually fall apart in the last 10k.

For the last couple of months I altered my training a bit (after running consecutive 3:25 marathons), running LESS mileage with more focus on intense intervals, hills and overall body fitness. I replaced some mid-distance leisurely runs (10-15k), with cycling (3-4 times a week to work), stair workouts (weekly) and swimming (twice a week). It appears that this cross training approach paid dividends with a little more energy in the final stages of the race.

It also provides further proof that plant based nutrition can be utilized to achieve great(er) athletic accomplishment.